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CONSISTENT CARE AND REAL-LIFE LEARNING                                                                                            


Our aim is to provide a safe and caring environment for your child, in a safe and secure setting.  Staff will encourage your child to learn autonomously and as part of a group. 


We will support children to develop a sense of responsibiity and grow in independence. 


Children in our care are encouraged to use their imagination and to ask questions. 


We embrace children's own interests into their learning experiences, providing an excellent foundation for personal growth and development both now and in the future. 


The children learn through real-life experiences such as cooking, baking, shopping. gardening, mealtimes and outings to exciting places of interest.


Each initiative offers different play and learning opportunities within the day to day activiites and practice.  Our initiatives help to ensure we maintain our status of providing quality care. 


Our ethos is 'The Outdoors', so we will access natural rescources where every we can such as the woods, country parks, farms, zoos and the seaside. 


We attend Forest School weekly during school term and take the children swimming.


Resources are organised so that they are readily accessible to children and supports children’s play and learning. First hand experiences allow children to build on their natural curiosity as learners. Each child is encouraged to become confident, independent and to develop their own self esteem.


Children benefit from consistent care. Many children who join the setting will remain in our care until they move onto school.  Providing a stable happy and secure environment has been of great benefit to the children in our care.


We help children to recognise the richness of a life with diversity, hope and knowledge that everyone is special. 


The Early Years practitioners will aim to provide play activities and learning experiences that are appropriate to each child’s age and development. Supporting and stimulating children’s social, physical, intellectual, communication and emotional development (SPICE) The Early Years Foundation Stage incorporating the
early learning goals is followed for children from Birth to Five Years.


For these everyday activities, planned and unplanned the children will learn basic science, maths, social and language skills. Through these learning activities key members of staff are able to build upon what the children learn at home, keeping parents informed about their child's progress.


Yumbo Daycare works under the umbrella of the national Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS, 2012) which is guided by four themes. 
















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