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Outstanding care

Our son joined Yumbo Childcare when he was 10months old as the youngest at that time. He has made a tremendous progress over the last six months and we feel that Yumbo Childcare contributed to it. At the beginning he was as we would expect from a child at this stage. Once settled in he feels like home and he loves going to Corrine's place. This is a very warm and welcoming household.

He had opportunities to experience activities such as strawberry picking, messy plays, swimming, pupet shows etc. They spend a lot of time outdoor as there is a big garden and lots of toys.

We have a lot of support from Corrine and her staff. Yumbo Childcare is a great place for children and we would recommend it as it was recommended to us few months ago.

by wiesiek                                 on 31/07/2013

5 stars                                           
Would Highly Recommend                 

We needed a childminder at short notice for a temporary period and contacted Corrine at Yumbo Childcare.  We couldn’t have been more pleased with our choice. 

Our daughter was six months old and had never been left with anyone else apart from us, her parents.  Corrine instantly reassured us.  She was very professional, flexible, friendly and supportive and our daughter instantly settled with Corrine and her assistants. 

It was clear our daughter loved being at Corrine’s and enjoyed the various activities and trips that were arranged.  We felt that our daughter was in a safe, trusted and caring environment and we would highly recommend Corrine and her team to anyone looking for childcare. 

by chin77                                 on 26/06/2013

5 stars                                           
Wonderful Childminder                 

I needed a childminder for a short period of time (2 months) as I was working from home 1 day a week, and needed to be able to work without looking after my son. I did a lot of research and was happy to find Corrine. I felt confident leaving my son with Corrine after our first visit. Corrine's setting is family home based and very personal. In the beginning, Corrine would send me text messages to let me know how my son was getting on. This was reassuring, knowing he was doing well. My son enjoying his time with Corrine and her assistants. He loved the play groups they went to. I was given lovely photo's of my son playing very happily with a big smile on his face. Corrine was flexible with days where she had availability. On our last visit, my son was given a gift, which was a lovely gesture. A big thank you to Corrine and her assistants for looking after my son.

by Elderflower28                                 on 20/03/2013

5 stars                                           
Friendly, flexible and caring                 

Our three old son thoroughly enjoyed his time with Corrine. He was going out on outdoor trips regularly which kept him very busy and stimulated. Our son made a number of friends. The atmosphere is friendly and stimulating for children of his age.

by archie78                                 on 18/03/2013

5 stars                                           
Delighted Parents                 

As is natural for parents we were very keen to make the right decision for our son's childcare. We were delighted when we met Corrine as we immediately felt at ease with her.

Since our son has joined he has made great progress and is definitely a very happy little boy both at Corrine's and when he comes home. We have been very impressed with the thorough documentation of his progress and the day to day activities he enjoys which are diverse and plentiful

Since our first meeting with Corrine to today (6 months later) we have never regretted our decision. Corrine's two assistants have also very significantly impacted on our positive view of Yumbo childcare.

We feel with were very lucky finding Corrine and her team. We would recommend them without reservation to anyone.

by SueJohn25                                 on 03/03/2013

5 stars                                           
Excellent childcare                 

I have been with Corrine for the past 4 months and couldnt be happier with my choice for my 3 and a 4 year old kids. Corrines setting are childfriemdly and tidy. Corrine and the ladies at the settings take the childcare very seriously trying to provide the best servise they can. They always give u a fair feedback and treat you as part of one big family. I am very gratefull for the flexibility and care corrine has shown to me and my children. Since my children started going to the Yumbo care i can see the improvements in their speach, beahaviour, and manners. (corrine is in my opinion very particular about that). I feel freeminded that my kids are safe at her setting and always well looked after at all time.

Children have such a wide range of acctivities they do ( from painting to going to colchester zoo for a day out) its amazing. Childrens mind are positevily stimulated at all times.

I would recomend Yumbo care to anyone.

by SylwiaOcran                                 on 05/04/2012

5 stars                                           
Fantastic Childcare                 

My daughter Jenna started with Corrine everyday after school when she was 4 and a half and loved it.  Jenna did have speech problems at first and within a few months and with Corrines help and support, Jennas speech became understandable.

Jenna loved the after school activities both Corrine and her daughter used to help her with, which included baking and icing cakes, painting, drawing and lots of other art and crafts things. 

Jenna left Corrines last year (which was very sad), as she started at secondary school and has now the confidence to walk to and from school. 
I would like to say that Corrine is a true professional, very caring, firm but fair lovely lady who is dedicated to looking after children.

I cannot thank Corrine and her staff enough for all their support and kindness and would certainly recommend them every time.     

by Jane Dinnes                                 on 17/02/2012

5 stars                                           
So happy with our choice                 

I first met Corrine when I was looking for a childminder for my 5 month old daughter. Immediately I felt comfortable with her and she spent the evening appointment explaining in detail the childcare setting and the type of activities she did with the children in her care.  My daughter started with Corrine shortly after and we have never looked back. 

Our daughter is a happy, confident child who adores Corrine.  Whenever we pass by on the house on the weekend she always says "that's where my Corrine lives". Corrine offers what I think is the best in childcare, a structured day full of activities and learning but within a family environment.  The assistants that help Corrine are also both lovely and the children are equally fond of them. I am often amazed to hear about the range of things they get up to in a day, such as local play groups, the park, or other outside adventures.  When the weather is good they are out and about enjoying themselves having fun.  Corrine always gives full feedback and keeps a daily diary of what our daughter has been doing.  Since September I have been using some of our early years funding entitlement with Corrine and our local nursery, Corrine arranged everything for me once I told her what I wanted to do. I have found Corrine supportive and caring over the past 3 years - we have never looked back since starting with Corrine and are so happy with our choice.  I couldn't recommend her enough.

by sam14                                 on 03/02/2012

5 stars                                           
Excellent childcare provider                 

My two daughters now aged 4 and 2 years have been going to Corrine since they were 10 months old. I remember being daunted by the prospect of returning to work and after visiting several nurseries and other childminders I still felt concerned.  However, after meeting Corrine I was instantly put at ease. She took the time to meet several times with myself, my husband and our daughter, each time finding out what our needs were and showing us folders of some of the activities she had arranged for the children in her care. She arranged settling in periods which helped immensely so by the time I returned to work I was 100% happy leaving Amy in her care.

Corrine always goes that extra mile for the children to make sure they are happy and settled, whether it be trips out or activities at home there are always things to keep them stimulated. Corrine and her staff have provided a "home from home" environment and have ways been on hand to offer support and advise through all the milestones so far, from learning to walk and talk to potty training and starting pre school. They are thoroughly deserving of the Outstanding OFSTED grading.

I can now happily say that I am a Mum to two happy and confident children who know how to treat others with respect and kindness of which Corrine has had a huge part in.  Above all else the girls enjoy their time there, they happily greet Corrine in the morning and wave goodbye to me as they go off to play with the others. Corrine also provides regular communication through their Home Diary and Newsletters so I feel I always know what they have been doing when I'm not there.

I can only reiterate how happy I am with the service Corrine and her staff provide and would happily recommend to anyone.

by HannahA79                                 on 31/01/2012

5 stars                                           
Don't look anywhere else!                 

Corrines cared for my first and only child since she was 2 months old. She was always enthusiastic and helpful toward me as first time mother and recorded a Home diary for Giuliana "milestone moments" so i was always informed about her progress. Corrine also helped me with the choices of nurrsery and Primary school. She was fantastic.

She is has always filled the children week with plenty of activities such as arts and crafts, cookery, discovery outings etc...She well deserve the OUTSTANDING award from OFSTED.

Giuliana loves Corrine and the whole family like her own, and over the years the bond as grown ever stronger. Unfortunately we had to leave Corrine's care due to school distance but I still use Corrine during school holidays.

Giuliana as grown into a happy, loving and confident little girl and I have to thank Corrine for giving her the best start in life!!!

by Fiorella2108                                 on 16/01/2012



Enthusiastic Childminder                 

Corrine is passionate and very enthusiastic about Childcare.  She maintains strict standards of hygiene, particular about safety, ensures that children under her care are comfortable. Addresses child's individual needs. Maintains excellent communication. Most of all loving and caring. The best childminder!

by Mamo                                 on 30/12/2011

5 stars                                           
High Quality Childminder                 

Both of my childen were minded by Corrine from the age of 5 months through to school age. My youngest has only just left the setting to start school.

I could never have trusted anyone else with the care of my children as much as I did Corrine.

When you return to work after first having a baby it is a daunting experience. Corrine gave me the confidence to return to work without having to worry about leaving my baby.

Corrine's home is a safe and welcoming environment. The children are greeted in a cheerful manner and encouraged to be as independent as possible with removing shoes, coats etc.

The children have a routine and experience fun days out, religous celebrations, arts and crafts and basic cooking skills.

Corrine has clear rules around how the children treat each other and behave in the setting. Any issues are discussed at the end of each day and resolved mutually.

I cannot recommend Corrine enough - she is a warm, genuine, honest caring person with more experience with children than anyone else I know.

Good luck in securing a place for your child!!

by Karen Cansell                                 on 08/09/2011

5 stars                                           
Great childminder                 

My son was cared for by Corrine from the age of 5 months up until he was 3 and a half.  He always looked forward to going and still talks about Corrine now (he has moved onto pre-school).  Corrine provided a safe home environment and encouraged the children to reach their full potential.  Harrison was expected to behave in an appropriate manner and if he misbehaved she would discuss the issue with me and say how it was dealt with.  corrine would take the children out most days, either to playgroups, parks, museums or soft play areas.  When they were based in the home they would engage in art and craft, cooking, role play and of course free play.  I would recommend Corrine to anyone looking for childcare.

by jgooders                                 on 28/08/2011

5 stars                                           
Fantastic Childminder                 

My son went to Corrine until recently when I had my second baby and I was very sad that because I was a commuter, he wasn't able to continue going - we live forty miles from Chelmsford.

He was so happy with her, so content and she was so good with him. He went on so many trips, did art activities, played in a big pool in the garden, interacted with lots of other lovely children from nice families in the area and visited nice playgroups and children's centres.

Corrine and her staff always looked so professional in their uniforms and everything about the service was impeccable. Rowan looked at Corrine as an aunt figure which was exactly what I wanted from my childcare - personal, professional and most of all very very fun.

I considered very carefully my childcare options and Corrine was the very very best head and shoulders above everyone else that I visited or saw. She has all the right equipment, knows exactly how to deal with every situation and I saw him develop leaps and bounds. He even took his first steps there aged 10 months - which happened very quickly after starting whereas he hadn't even tried at home.

Everything about Corrine's environment is brilliant, and you couldn't want for more.

by JoanneThain                                 on 08/08/2011

5 stars                                           
Excellent Childminder!!                 

My 2 year old daughter started at Corrine’s setting in February.
In the 5 months that she has been there, she has become fully potty trained (having still been in nappies when she started) including night time as well, has made lots of friends and has gained so much confidence in herself. Numerous friends have commented to me on how much more outgoing she is now and I definitely attribute this to Corrine.

Corrine takes the children out to numerous places - they go out somewhere different EVERY day and if for any reason they are unable to go out, they always have numerous activities going on indoors and in her garden. I am often quite jealous of the places my daughter goes to and she always comes home extremely happy, animated and excited to tell me about her friends and what she has done during the day.

The setting is extremely busy, they are always on the go, but I felt that this is something young children should be doing in order to develop self confidence and social skills. When I was first looking at childcare options for my daughter, I did consider a nursery placement but I am so happy that I did not follow that route in the end. I think by being in the same setting everyday, without all the different activities that she does with Corrine, my daughter would not have benefited as much as she has.

I would recommend Corrine to any parent without hesitation. She has been very supportive of both myself and my daughter and I am extremely grateful of everything she has done for both of us. She is a very warm, honest and caring person but she is also extremely professional and if your child has misbehaved or had a difficult day whilst in her setting, she will be honest with you about it, which is also nice to know.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Corrine for her help and support and I hope that my daughter will stay in your care for many more years.
To all the other parents reading this review, Id like to say that your child would be very lucky to be able to stay in Corrine s care.
It is very rare to be able to leave your child in a setting where you can walk away and know that they will be completely contented and happy whilst you are gone but this is exactly how I feel everyday when I drop my daughter off at Corrine’s setting and I am extremely grateful to her for this.

Thank you for taking the time to read this review and I hope that it has helped you with your decision for Childcare, which I know from experience can be a very tough choice!!

by smiley manda                                 on 01/08/2011





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