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My aim is to provide a safe and caring environment for your child. I along with my deputy manager and qualified and dedicated members of staff will encourage your child to learn autonomously and as part of a group.  Children in our care are encouraged to use their imagination
and to ask questions.  The children in our care learn through real-life experiences such as cooking, baking, gardening, trips out to local woods and parks and planned outings to various places of interest.


We access many outside resources, such as the local Bocking Gardens Park, Country Parks, Farms, Garden Centres, Zoo, Soft Play and Braintree swimming pool.   Resources within the setting are organised so that they are readily accessible to children and supports children’s play and learning.


First hand experiences allow children to build upon on their natural curiosity as learners.

Our week is planned around the children we have each day and the ages of the children.

During the school holidays this will vary to our normal routine in the school term. Each day the children will take part in an activity or outing which will be planned.  After lunch, there is a quiet time whilst the younger children have a nap.

The children will enjoy a small snack and will be offered to take part in the afternoon activity.

All activities will be centred on the children learning through play and will reflect any of the current themes, festivals, events, holidays and so on appropriate to that time of year.


Morning and afternoon activities include outdoor play which will occur at least once a day.




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